xFact's experience spans a number of areas, including public safety, social services, criminal justice, education, environmental protection, customer rights, and health and human services. With each engagement, xFact has taken a client-focused approach that results in solutions that are designed with the input and needs of the stakeholders in mind.

Our objective for each project is to enable our clients to realize advances in their business processes, develop more efficient workflows, increase access to information, enhance governance capabilities, collect metrics for reporting, and leverage the ability to integrate with diverse partner agencies and systems. Whether it is improving efficiencies, advancing equity, or creating access and transparency, xFact strives to incorporate the client's value in each project - from initial assessment through design implementation, and follow-up.

Select Solution Highlights

By creating and implementing successful projects at local, state, and national levels, xFact has acquired extensive experience assisting multi-disciplinary public sector agencies. Solutions developed by xFact have been honored with awards and/or recognition from various public sector agencies, trade publications, and associations.

Domestic Solution Highlights

Statewide Integrated Criminal Justice System Strategic Plan

xFact created a straegic roadmap and project execution process for the ongoing development of statewide criminal justice policies and information systems. The strategic plan includes a series of critical path projects across governance, agency data sharing standards, technical infrastructure, application development, unification of disparate data sources, and ongoing support for criminal and non criminal justice business needs.

Federated Inquiry and Record Check System

xFact worked closely with EOPSS to develop CJISWeb, which is a web-based system that provides Massachusetts State Police and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies the ability to perform multiple types of criminal history and motor vehicle transactions. This system is mobile-enabled and employs a responsive user interface to support a wide range of mobile device form factors, as well as address the unique requirements of the user experience as it is related to “use in the field.”
The project included enterprise system refactoring to transform the existing Java code from CJISWeb 2 to a new responsive web design for CJISWeb 3. CJISWeb 3 addressed the needs of a highly mobilized workforce by providing a responsive, user friendly interface, that enables access to information in real-time. CJISWeb 3 was implemented state-wide, supports a user-base of 12,000+ and handles about 3 million messages per day.

Criminal Record Information

xFact worked with the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Systems (DCJIS) to define, design, develop and implement a web-based system (iCORI) to facilitate the request for and dissemination of Massachusetts criminal offender record information to authorized individuals and organizations. iCORI includes a rules engine to process legacy data, a public facing web portal to request criminal records, and processes over 100,000 requests per month.

Advanced Data Analytics Platform and Toolset

xFact worked closely with EOPSS and OTIS to develop a highly-performant statewide data analytics platform for Public Safety which currently contains data sets for State Medical Examiner autopsies, CORI requests, Firearms Licenses and Firearm Sales, Warrants and Crash reports. 
In addition to the data analytics-platform, ADAPT includes an analysis tool that is based on a responsive design, is mobile enabled, and creates a rich user experience. ADAPT was developed using open-source technologies. The analysis tool supports efforts in understanding historic results, current trends, and future or predictive analytics by senior management and analysts throughout public safety agencies. The ADAPT platform is in active use at the Office of Medical Examiner in the Commonwealth and other targeted EOPSS stakeholders.

Sex Offender Registration and Inquiry System

xFact worked closely with the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) to develop the Sex Offender Registration and Inquiry System (SORIS II). SORIS II is a web-based system that is used by local law enforcement agencies and the SORB to register, classify, and track sex offenders in Massachusetts. This system also includes a public-facing website module that allows members of the public to search for and view information for moderate to high risk sex offenders that live, work, or attend an institution of higher learning in their community. SORIS supports a large user base and is a business critical system for the state of Massachusetts. The user friendly public website module helps to improve public safety by allowing the public to access and view efficient and timely sex offender information online.

Background Check and Licensing Certification System for the Mass. State Police

xFact worked with the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS) to develop a web based licensing and information management system for the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) Certification Unit. The system provides the Certification Unit with an application to facilitate the licensing, background investigation, and management of private investigators, watch guards, and special state police officers. The system replaced a legacy Lotus Notes system and manual paper-based processes with an intranet web-based, electronic solution. The solution included a public-facing module that allows the public to submit license applications and related information online directly to the MSP Certification Unit.

Firearms Licensing and Registration System

Massachusetts Instant Record Check System (MIRCS) is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ electronic firearms licensing and sales-reporting system. xFact developed a Firearms Licensing and Registration System that is intranet web based and includes online processing firearms licenses, registrations, personal sale or transfer, loss or theft, inheritance, and weapons surrendered to police, and provides access to the Massachusetts Public Safety Personal and firearms dealers. MIRCS is used by police departments to issue firearms licenses, and gun dealers to report gun sales to Criminal History Systems Board (CHSB).

Masschusetts Correctional Industries Modernization Project

xFact worked with the Massachusetts Correctional Industries (MassCor) to develop an optical lab system for MassCor’s optical line of business. The system includes the following modules an online provider portal for order and account management, integration with state health plans to automate eligibility checks, electronic health industry claim billing functionality, and lab work order lifecycle management. xFact’s system is built on a proven open source Enterprise Resource Planning system framework that enables information flow across the entire organization, which allows MassCor with maximum flexibility by allowing for future expansion and integration of the system without the costs associated with proprietary technologies and data formats.

International Solution Highlights

Village Court and Land Mediation Information Management System

In November 2015, xFact delivered the “Development and Migration of an Information Management System (IMS)” for the Village and Land Mediation Secretariat in Papua New Guinea (the Secretariat). The IMS system is highly useable management system that employs a responsive web-based application to meets the needs of the Secretariat. The new IMS was developed to replace various legacy systems, and included a project activity to migrate data and key functionality from those legacy systems.
The salient features of the IMS system are:
1) Improved workflow and efficiency;
2) Integration across business areas that are currently separated in different applications;
3) Secure role- and permission-based access to key business areas and features; and
4) Overall ease of use through a highly usable interface.
The IMS supports a national-level user base and is a business critical system for the nation of Papua New Guinea. The IMS system project started in August 2015 and was designed and developed in three months. The fully operational IMS system was deployed to production in November 2015.

International Justice Sector Information Management Reform

xFact enhanced the efficiency and transparency of a national justice sector system in Timor-Leste by designing, developing and implementing an end-to end case management system. This became a model replicated throughout the sector. xFact developed this custom solution based on local practices and requirements, working at national and local levels to identify, define, and implement electronic processes for the business policies and requirements for the nation’s justice sector.

Partnership for Justice/ Corruption Eradication Commission

xFact worked with Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to develop a successful actionable strategic plan to eliminate corruption in Indonesia; by delivering business requirements and business cases. xFact designed KPK’s Enterprise architecture which includes: business, data, application, technological, and integration architecture. xFact continues to work with KPK team to ensure successful implementation of various parts of the architecture.



"For the past 13 years, xFact has worked with our office on numerous strategic and technology initatives that have successfully delivered state-of-the-art solutions to our state's criminal justice community"

Curtis M. Wood Undersecretary for Forensic Science and Technology, Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security


Nation of Timor-Leste

Papa New Guinea


International Justice Sector
Information Management Reform

Village Courts and Land Mediation Secretariat

Partnership for Justice/ Corruption
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