IT Services

In the current economic climate, government agencies and business face difficult decisions when it comes to budget and resources.

xFact helps customers understand the intricacies of the rapidly changing business environment and provides innovative, transparent, effective, and comprehensive solutions to optimize existing resources through:

Cloud Development and Application Modernization

xFact gets the right cloud solutions in place for our clients; modernizing “yesterday’s systems” to live in today’s world and bridging the service gap between cloud vendors and our clients. xFact helps clients plan and execute application portfolio modernization efforts that enable future-forward transformation, support CapEx/OpEx goals, and ensure continuity of services.  xFact offers deliverables across:

System Integration and Development

xFact designs, develops, and integrates systems that are cost effective, sustainable, and customized to our clients’ business needs. xFact offers deliverables across:

Technical Architecture DESIGN

xFact provides leadership and expertise on long-lasting technology ecosystems; helping clients get out of “technical debt,” and designing enterprise application strategies and implementations. xFact offers deliverables across:

IT Strategic Implementation Planning and Service Management

xFact gets clients beyond crisis management to change management, by helping them anticipate and prepare for challenges and changing environments. xFact offers deliverables across:

Enterprise Risk Management and Governance Programs

xFact assist clients in identifying, evaluating, understanding, and prioritizing key risks. We facilitate risk management monitoring and compliance via industry standard frameworks and methodologies, and also design and implement governance programs to aid in realizing client-specific needs and goals. xFact offers deliverables across:

Customer Engagement and User Experience Design

xFact helps to develop and implement customer engagement programs to drive positive customer experiences.  We create holistic user experiences (UX) that co-create value for our clients and their customers. xFact offers a strong capacity for user-centered design, and provides deliverables across:

Project Management

xFact provides project management professionals with outstanding talent and experience to deliver effective, rapid, and highly personalized services. You can count on xFact to stay commited to your project until you realize the results you have been seeking. xFact offers deliverables across:

System Implementation Planning, Training, and Support

xFact makes sure that clients are given the proper roadmap to manage change and implement systems in support of their stated goals. xFact offers deliverables across:


xFact excels in making sure the fundamental details support the desired outcomes. This starts by working closely with clients and stakeholders to define the business and organizational requirements that the client is seeking to implement and translating them into project requirements. xFact offers deliverables across:

Process Modeling

xFact works closely with clients to gain a deep understanding of their business, then assists them in business process reengineering, organizational and management systems, and underlying assumptions and beliefs to help improve efficiencies and increase performance. xFact offers deliverables across: