AI Services

Today’s Artificial Intelligence is known as Narrow AI. Narrow AI is designed to perform a specific task (e.g. processing forms, facial recognition, or spam detection). Despite some common misconceptions about replacement, AI augments human output by complementing human skills and redirects focus on tasks that require creativity and problem solving.

xFact helps its customers determine if the given use cases can be solved with Artificial Intelligence through:

Strategic Planning & Roadmaps

AI is a complicated and nuanced field. Our goal is to give you a strategic application of AI that you can immediately see the results of (ROI). We help management anticipate and prepare for challenges and the rapidly changing business and AIenvironment:

  • Strategic technology roadmap
  • Project-based sustainability planning
  • Risk analysis and feasibility assessment
  • AI landscape assessment with updates as changes occur in this fast-paced environment

AI Use Cases

xFact understands how organizations can use Artificial Intelligence. With a focus on optimizing resources, saving time and money, and maximizing return on data (ROD). xFact offers deliverables across:

  • Developing an Artificial Intelligence use case from “scratch”
  • Validating the AI use case with key stakeholders and users

Artificial Intelligence Recommendations

xFact provides its clients with expert recommendations on proper AI technologies such as machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing needed to support their new augmented business environment. xFact offers deliverable across:

  • Linking business strategies with evolution of AI technology
  • Fostering business stakeholder participation and ownership of technology initiatives
  • Facilitating flexible system designs

AI Project Management

xFact provides project management professionals with outstanding talent and experience to deliver effective, rapid, and highly personalized services. You can count on xFact to stay committed to your project until you realize the results you have been seeking.
xFact offers deliverables across:

  • Identify and managing project risks
  • Foster shareholder ownership and adoption through the project lifecycle
  • Enable ongoing client-driven sustainability

AI System Design, Integration, & Deployment

xFact ’s AI systems are designed, developed, and can be integrated effectively into our client’s workflow. This presents the best of both worlds in terms of cost effectiveness and customizations to meet our client’s business needs. xFact offers deliverables across:

  • AI/UX System Design
  • Data understanding and preparation
  • Choosing the right model
  • Training the AI system
  • Integration and Deployment

Implementation, Training, & Maintenance

xFact makes sure that clients are given the proper roadmap to manage change and implement AI systems in support of their stated goals. One of the advantages of AI is that the system is always learning. xFact offers deliverables across:

  • Tracking and traceability of testing results and progress
  • Planning for ongoing client ownership and sustainability of projects
  • Customized training strategies, plans, and implementations
  • Customer support and maintenance of AI system