Criminal Record Information

xFact worked with the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Systems (DCJIS) to define, design, develop and implement a web-based system (iCORI) to facilitate the request for and dissemination of Massachusetts criminal offender record information to authorized individuals and organizations. iCORI includes a rules engine to process legacy data, a public facing web portal to request criminal records, and processes over 100,000 requests per month and has generated over $60 Million dollars for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since 2012.

iCORI sought to meet the legal requirements of the CORI Reform Act (2010) and implement a highly usable and efficient system to be used by Executive Office of Public Safety (EOPSS), Commonwealth agencies (such as Early Education and Care), private and public organizations, and members of the public. iCORI also sought to enable the retirement of an existing legacy system through the introduction of new and more efficient processes.

  • Paper based processes and redundancy
  • Slow CORI requests that took 2 days to process
  • Data quality and migration
  • Open source, web based system, and secure role-based access for all user types (iCORI)
  • Standardized CORI processing by replacing legacy processes
  • Electronic payments 
  • Enabled the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, non-profits, charities, schools, private organizations, the general public and a number of other groups to electronically request and receive CORI information
  • Created a central repository of all CORI data in Massachusetts
  • Average income generated per year for MA since inception $7,478,934
  • Real-time processing of CORI requests  2 seconds instead of 2 days
  • Improved worker productivity because paper submissions are minimal
  • Supports an Active User Base of 143,942
  • Process over 100,000 requests per month