Firearms Licensing and Registration System

Massachusetts Instant Record Check System (MIRCS) is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ electronic firearms licensing and sales-reporting system. xFact developed a Firearms Licensing and Registration System that is intranet web based and includes online processing firearms licenses, registrations, personal sale or transfer, loss or theft, inheritance, and weapons surrendered to police, and provides access to the Massachusetts Public Safety Personal and firearms dealers. MIRCS is used by police departments to issue firearms licenses, and gun dealers to report gun sales to Criminal History Systems Board (CHSB).

xFact implemented a statewide firearms licensing and registration system for Massachusetts in 2003. It is currently being used in 351 local police departments and the MA State Police, MA CJIS Department and Firearms Records Bureau, all dealer facilities, and individual license holders.

  • Paper based processes and redundancy
  • Increasing volume of applicants, licenses and registrations
  • Data quality and migration
  • Maintaining a legacy system
  • Standardized license processing
  • Standardized registration processing
  • Centralized real time view of firearms data
  • Open source, web based, and secure role-based access
  • Centrally maintained audit trail
  • Can support CAD/RMS Integration and aggregated data analytics
  • Real-time information querying and sharing about firearms licenses and registration history
  • Streamlined and standardized firearms licensing and registration processes Supports a user base of 500+ and issues over 40,000 + licenses a year
  • Centralized firearms data repository