Sex Offender Registration and Inquiry System

xFact worked closely with the Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) to develop the Sex Offender Registration and Inquiry System (SORIS II). SORIS II is a web-based system that is used by local law enforcement agencies and the SORB to register, classify, and track sex offenders in Massachusetts. This system also includes a public-facing website module that allows members of the public to search for and view information for moderate to high risk sex offenders that live, work, or attend an institution of higher learning in their community. SORIS supports a large user base and is a business critical system for the state of Massachusetts. The user friendly public website module helps to improve public safety by allowing the public to access and view efficient and timely sex offender information online.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts did not have a public facing website to facilitate an easy path to searching a neighborhood for sex offenders, they also needed support to carry out the states registrations and classifications. Additionally, the system had to be able to integrate with several other states.

  • No easy real-time information for public
  • Information and workload management
  • Victim services management
  • Integration with other state systems and applications.
  • Open source web-based system
  • Standardized registration processing
  • Public website component with radius based searching and map integration
  • Live capture and upload of sex offender photos
  • Automatic and manual electronic notification
  • Services and workload management
  • Seamless integration with other systems
  • Enhanced public safety by allowing the public to access and view efficient sex offender information online
  • Streamlinesongoing operations for law enforcement and state agencies that register and track sex offenders
  • Provides integration with other agencies and systems that promotes efficient and timely data sharing and information