Village Court and Land Mediation Information Management System

In November 2015, xFact delivered the “Development and Migration of an Information Management System (IMS)” for the Village and Land Mediation Secretariat in Papua New Guinea (the Secretariat). The IMS system is highly useable management system that employs a responsive web-based application to meets the needs of the Secretariat. The new IMS was developed to replace various legacy systems, and included a project activity to migrate data and key functionality from those legacy systems.

The salient features of the IMS system are:
1) Improved workflow and efficiency;
2) Integration across business areas that are currently separated in different applications;
3) Secure role- and permission-based access to key business areas and features; and
4) Overall ease of use through a highly usable interface.

The IMS supports a national-level user base and is a business critical system for the nation of Papua New Guinea. The IMS system project started in August 2015 and was designed and developed in three months. The fully operational IMS system was deployed to production in November 2015.